Nov 16, 2015

Opposing Sides in Syria Brace for Western Response to Paris Attacks - WSJ

On Sunday, Syrian regime officials echoed the previous day’s message from President Bashar al-Assad. They said the regime is ready to share intelligence on Islamic State with France and others, provided the West ceases support for Syria’s armed opposition and abandons efforts to remove Mr. Assad from power.
“The world realizes Syria was right about its warnings of the terror that knows no boundaries and threatens humanity,” said Buthaina Shaaban, a senior adviser to Mr. Assad. The regime considers all rebels who are fighting it terrorists.
On Saturday, French President François Hollande blamed Islamic State for the series of attacks Friday night across Paris that killed more than 120 people and left France and its allies searching for a response. French officials said a Syrian passport was found next to the body of one of the suicide bombers, and at least one of the attackers is believed to have traveled to Syria.

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