Nov 18, 2015

New study reveals crispier potatoes increases risk of cancer

Regularly eating food containing high levels of acrylamide may also damage the nervous and reproductive systems, but the chances are less likely, the report says. For example, when it comes to bread, those that have been crisped and burned to perfection have the highest level, which means a way to protect yourself from potential cancer risk is to toast it to its lightest color possible.
Interestingly the study showed a huge variation in the amount of acrylamide present in the food depending on how long they were cooked for. French fries that cooked the longest, and were therefore seriously charred, had the highest levels of acrylamide - 1,052 micrograms per kilogram.
The report found that the cancer-causing chemical occurs in starch-rich ingredients when they are cooked at high temperatures.
The crispest roast potatoes were found to contain 490 micrograms of acrylamide per kilogram - 80 times higher than lightly roasted spuds.

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