Oct 9, 2015

Asian Nail Salon Staff Demand Apology From The New York Times for Poverty-Porn Series That's Costing Them Jobs - Hit

If there's a silver lining... well, I'd like to think that the massive outcry from salon staff against their self-appointed saviors may actually change minds a little on the liberal side—make them rethink whether excessive regulation is always the best way to end alleged exploitation, and whether lurid advocacy journalism is the best basis for public policy. Perhaps even consider that maybe, just maybe, libertarians oppose this shit not out of some childishly rebellious attitude or yearning for the robber-baron days but precisely because it hurts those in precarious positions the most. But I won't hold my breath. For a lot of people, it's much easier to see the world as a black-and-white struggle between vulnerable workers and exploitative bosses, between honorable pro-regulatory types who care for the poor and their greedy, small-government foes. It's much easier not to think too hard about these things. 

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