Sep 24, 2015

Tencent just dropped $5 million on this Australian startup that allows doctors to check patients remotely | Business Insider

Australian health tech startup CliniCloud has just closed a $5 million seed round led by China internet company Tencent, and has secured retail distribution for its first product through US retail giant Best Buy.
The internet-connected home medical kit, which allows doctors to check patients remotely, was developed by the Melbourne-based founders of CliniCloud, Dr Andrew Lin and Dr Hon Weng Chong.
Best Buy will carry the kit in the US and Canada.
Tencent, an internet services group in China, led the seed round. Ping An Ventures, the venture arm of insurance and banking conglomerate Ping An, was the other major investor, along with prominent musician and investor, D.A. Wallach, Kosaku Yada of Sonar Group and other individuals.
The funding will be used to accelerate the production and roll-out of consumer products including an internet connected stethoscope and a non-contact thermometer.
Dr Lin and Dr Chong, both physicians, founded CliniCloud when they realised patients want to play a more active role in their own care.
“The stethoscope and thermometer are gateways to critical information that helps physicians diagnose illness in patients,” says Dr Lin, who is CliniCloud’s CEO.
“By digitising them and connecting them to a powerful app and network of medical professionals, through our partnership with telemedicine partners such as Doctor On Demand, we are empowering every parent and carer to play an active role in healthcare.”

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