May 5, 2015

Big Data Blueprints | Four Common Use Cases

 Your Path to Big Data
What does your strategy look like?
If you’re working on a big data project, you should check out our blueprints for big data success. This eBook covers four of the most common big data use cases that organizations are implementing:

  • Optimize Your Data Warehouse: Learn how to offload transformation workloads and infrequently used data to Hadoop to relieve pressure on existing infrastructure and reduce costs
  • Streamline Your Data Refinery: See how to bring together diverse data through a scalable processing hub and analytical database for low-latency self-service analytics
  • Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customer: Blend operational and transactional data to create an on-demand analytical view across multiple customer touch points
  • Monetize Your Data: Generate new revenue streams by integrating and enriching high-value data sets as an analytic service to customers and partners
Download the eBook and get valuable insights on maximizing your big data strategy.

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