Mar 22, 2015

IBM offers businesses data mining of Twitter

IBM has introduced its first cloud-based data-mining and analysis services that have arisen out of its new partnership with Twitter. The US technology giant is offering to trawl through Tweets posted on the micro-blogging site, evaluate and analyse them for the benefit of its business clients.
A half a billion Tweets appear daily on Twitter and, with the help of intelligent analytical tools, trends can be identified and client requests fished out, IBM manager Alistair Rennie said at CeBIT, the world's largest info technology fair in Hanover, Germany.
IBM plans to analyse Tweets in real time through cloud technology and its Watson supercomputer, which has been trained to understand Tweets.
Clients in such areas as telecommunications, retail sales and health care could then search out information that interests them.
Such a thing has not been possible before and will fundamentally change the rules of the game for businesses, Rennie said.
The initiative was announced after IBM and Twitter started their partnership at the end of October.
IBM Analytics' Bob Picciano said cloud computing has elementally altered the dynamic of the information technology transformation. The company was an early investor in the so-called Big Data area of the business, the analysis of enormous masses of data.
'We've invested 24 billion dollars (31.46 billion Australian dollars) in the area in recent years,' Picciano said.

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