Jul 27, 2013

Squeeze on truckies | The Australian

Squeeze on truckies

WHILE supermarket giant Coles rejects any responsibility for the lethal squeeze on truckies, hundreds of people every year are killed in truck crashes ("Coles rejects claims it forces unsafe driving", 25/7).
One in every $3 of road transport revenue comes from companies such as Coles. Truckies know how powerful this makes them. Coles sets standards across the industry and right now it's driving them down.
The evidence is in, but Coles is choosing to ignore it. More than 20 years of coronial reports, inquiries and independent research show the links between rates and conditions for truck drivers and safety on our roads.
The Australian retail market is the most profitable in the world and Coles is one of its biggest players. It's time Coles started working co-operatively to save lives on our roads.
Tony Sheldon, national secretary, Transport Workers Union, Sydney, NSW

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