Dec 27, 2009

Wearers with HD Vision

A leading British eye surgeon has introduced revolutionary lenses which tend to provide people who are looking to restore their eyesight with amazing "supervision". Dubbed the Light-Adjustable Lenses, these have been designed specifically for people who have to wear glasses or have affected vision due to cataract, and offer the prospect of a 20/20 perfect vision.

Bobby Qureshi, a renowned eye surgeon, has used these implants in about 10 operations, and has shared that the total cost of the surgery and adjustment for one eye could be as much as 3000 Pounds, but "patients think it is worth it". LALs are similar to the standard lens implants available, which also treat cataract effectively, but doctors can adjust these even after they have been implanted, giving them the option of "tailoring the amount of correction" as per a patient's requirements, potentially eliminating the need to wear glasses at all. "

We have the potential here to change patients' vision to how it was when they were young. The technology allows us to make adjustments after the lens is in place and healing has occurred. The change is so accurate that we can even make the lens bifocal or varifocal, so as well as giving them good vision at distance we can give them good vision for reading. They won't need their glasses at all", said Dr. Qureshi.

The groundbreaking lenses have already been used successfully in Germany and the US, and cost about 600 Pounds each, which is ten times as much as the standardlenses, but tend to be permanent and much better in nature.

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