Dec 6, 2009

McAfee Policy Enforcer to protect your business

Protect your network and your business from noncompliant systems

One infected or noncompliant system on your network can disable your business, damage your reputation, or subject you to regulatory fines. McAfee® Policy Enforcer network access control (NAC) reduces this risk by limiting network access only to systems that comply with your security policies.

McAfee® Policy Enforcer network access control (NAC) received the top score in a February 5 network access control product round-up conducted by InfoWorld Magazine.

In the InfoWorld article, "NAC Smorgasbord: Four Ways to Police the Network," McAfee Policy Enforcer received top scores for manageability, reporting, and overall value. InfoWorld praised McAfee Policy Enforcer for its straightforward interface and preconfigured rule sets that speed policy creation. The magazine also found that McAfee Policy Enforcer provides an intuitive and highly visual view into the compliance status of the network.

According to InfoWorld's article, "McAfee Policy Enforcer stands out with its friendly, visual interface for managing host posture for network access. Using standards-based VLAN assignment, it provides fine-grained rules definition, which allows administrators specific visibility into and control of hosts. The ability to collect host posture information from other vendors' anti-virus clients is a big plus."


* Discovers noncompliant systems

* Detect both managed and unmanaged systems that could cause harm to your network and its users
* Comprehensive system checks
Quickly and easily assess the compliance of quarantined unmanaged systems with McAfee NAC's agent-on-demand
* Broad enforcement
Get built-in enforcement for managed and unmanaged systems connected locally or remotely (LAN, WAN, IPSec, VPN, or SSL); McAfee NAC also provides integration with third-party enforcement framework methods like Cisco Network Admission Control
* Centralized management and control
Manage and control access to your network, along with your other system security products, through a single console with McAfee Policy Enforcer and McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®; define policies and get centralized reporting of failed compliance checks and remediation action from the ePO™ console
* Integrates with Cisco® NAC
Supports Cisco NAC-enabled switches, routers, and VPN gateways; McAfee NAC provides policy definition, system assessment, and remediation, and Cisco NAC offers system detection and enforcement
* Automated remediation options
Offers automated self-remediation through McAfee Total Protection - Advanced and third-party solutions; users can also be directed to a remediation portal where the administrator can recommend specific action

"At McAfee, we provide a comprehensive security risk management approach that goes beyond threat protection. Customers are looking for data loss prevention and vulnerability management as well as policy audit, enforcement and automated remediation," said Vimal Solanki, senior director of worldwide product marketing at McAfee. "McAfee Policy Enforcer network access control is a key component to protecting our customers."

It only takes one infected computer to bring down a network. McAfee Policy Enforcer is designed to simplify every step of the NAC process. This includes defining policies, detecting devices, assessing systems, providing enforcement at the network level, and providing automatic remediation. As a software solution, McAfee Policy Enforcer scales easily and integrates with the Cisco NAC framework. McAfee's NAC solution ensures that hosts comply with the latest security policies. Noncompliant systems can be quarantined or given limited access to the network until they reach compliance.

McAfee Policy Enforcer is managed by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePOTM), McAfee's integrated enterprise security management platform. McAfee Policy Enforcer also integrates with McAfee Hercules® Remediation Manager to automatically remediate managed and noncompliant systems, and can assess the compliance of McAfee Data Loss Prevention Host and McAfee SiteAdvisorTM solutions.

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