Dec 27, 2009

Color Changing Contact Lenses Emerge as New Boon for Diabetics

Diabetics who are always burdened with the task of repeatedly checking their blood sugar levels to ensure that they are under control can now make the most of a new device - color changing lenses. A latest, non invasive invention, these lenses can help diabetics keep tab of their glucose levels at all times, as they change colors with the rising and falling ofblood sugar levels.

Their working is pretty simple as well. Nanoparticles, which are embedded in the hydrogel lenses, work by reacting with glucose molecules which are present in naturally occurring tears. The lenses then shift their hues based on a chemical reaction, thereby alerting the wearer of falling or rapidly rising levels of blood sugar.

The wearer can then make the required changes to his or her level of glucose in the blood, without having to carry around and use any devices that need diabetics to draw blood and analyze it.

As result of the revolutionizing process, University of Western Ontario Professor Jin Zhang has recently bagged $US216,000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, in order to further develop other products and applications for "multifunctional nano-composite". Once developed and successfully marketed thesecolor changing lenses will be among the recent times' biggest medical breakthroughs.

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