Nov 11, 2009

Fight e-waste. ban Facebook!

At a meeting in Perth on 5 November, the nation’s environment ministers endorsed a new National Waste Policy, the first such national framework charting a 10-year vision for resource recovery and waste management.  The policy includes a landmark scheme for recycling computers and televisions, with householders able to drop off used computers and TVs for recycling free of charge, Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett announced.

“It has been 17 years since these issues were looked at in a national context and we now have a clear path for future action and a huge step up on existing efforts.” The National Waste Policy sets out a comprehensive agenda for national coordinated action on waste across six key areas:

    * Taking responsibility
    * Improving the market
    * Pursuing sustainability
    * Reducing hazard and risk
    * Tailoring solutions
    * Providing the evidence

The Minister said the new approach had been developed in consultation and with the support of industry as well as key non-government organisations and he acknowledged their involvement and support in negotiating these crucial breakthroughs.

Garrett said the first areas of waste targeted for action will be computers and televisions.

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